Trust Administration

Being named the trustee of a trust is a big honor and a big responsibility. Trusts generally afford a successor trustee great discretion when it comes to distributions to trust beneficiaries, but California law is fairly ridged when it comes to a trustee's duties. If you are a Trustee or a beneficiary and you have questions regarding your rights and obligations regarding a trust call me to schedule an appointment to get the advice you need.

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General Steps For Successor Trustee

  • Notice to Beneficiaries
  • Transferring Real Property into the Successor Trustee's name as Trustee of the Trust
  • Locate and gain control of other property
  • Locating and paying debts and taxes
  • Produce Trust Accountings
  • Make Distributions in Accordance with the language of the Trust

Trust administration is often complicated and frustrating. Many times the process is hindered even further due to the emotions and conflicts that arise among the trust beneficiaries. This is often the result of sibling rivalry and the family's grieving process. These emotions can often end up in court in protracted and expensive trust litigation. Allow me to share my knowledge and experience to help you through this process.